Work Flow

Work Flow – how to book international models –

In this page, we will explain how to book and cast international models. First, contact a model agency via phone, email. Or FAX with the following information.

  • Model type, such as Caucasian male model in his twenties
  • Media type on which the model is supposed to appear (ex. Catalog and web)
  • The name of the client
  • Usage term, (ex. 3 months)
  • Whether the jobs has restrictions (ex. Cannot be on a catalog from the same industry)
  • Whether there is a casting (if no casting, selection is solely based on composite cards, or picture selection)
  • Shooting date and hours (if there is a casting, casting date as well)
  • Other information (ex. No tattoo)

A booker (a person who does booking) or manager will check model’s schedule and contact you with the booking fee based on the above information. The booking fee depends on the conditions of the job. For example, if there are restrictions with the job, the model cannot do other similar jobs during the usage term, so the booking fee goes up. Also, depending on the models, the booking fee varies.

We will then send you models’ composite cards (a card that has models’ pictures and measurements) and casting sheet (sheet that has models’ schedule). Many of the models do not have definite schedules at this point because they oftentimes are waiting for the result of other jobs. As a convention, we call definite availability 1st option and possible availability 2nd option. In the case of 2nd option, even if you want a given model, the model might not be available.

Once you choose models based on pictures (i.e. composite cards), you may want to see them in person. In this case, we do a casting. In a casting, you will see models in person. Usually, a casting is done in your office but we also can book a studio.

How to book a model visiting Japan short term

While Acqua Models manages various types of models, including fashion models, senior models, child models, and character models, we also work with Wilhelmina Japan, a global powerhouse of modeling.

There are two types of international models in Tokyo; those who are living in Japan (Acqua Models manages these models) and those who are visiting Japan for a short period of time (Wilhelmina Japan manages these models). Usually fashion shows, magazines, and other fashion related media use the latter type, and commercial oriented media, such as TV, movies, and events tend to use the former type.

Booking of photographers, stylists, and hair makeup artist

We also coordinate photographers, cameramen, stylists, and hair makeup artists.