Tokyo Model Agency

2018 Jul 04

It's getting hotter and hotter everyday here in Tokyo! 
Clothes dripping in sweat and our make up running like crazy when it comes to us girls! 

Biore has launched a great product just in time for this sweaty season! A wipe where you can have a refreshing cold feel over your make up without removing it! 
Our beautiful models Victoria and Maria were featured in this movie clip below. Check it out!

Stay cool guys! 


2018 Jul 02

Our man crush monday #MCM today is our super hunk FLIP K!
Originally from Canad and has worked globally and always a pleasure to work with him here in Tokyo as well.
The 188cm model has featured in several campaigns - check out one of our favorite videos by DECADE.

Models: Filip K,
2018 Jun 27
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Acqua Model Management - Pleased to announce three of our lovely girls are the face of GREY MIYAKE INC. 
The brand was born all the way back in the 60`s in the heart of Tokyo -
Brand focuses on the traditional Japanese core values with a playful twist and influence from Europe. 
The products itself is all about the material, silhouette and details! Go and check them out when you have the time -
Our lovely models Adele, Sheri Y and Misha will be there to greet you on there! 


2018 Jun 21

Diversity is one of our main values here at Acqua Models! So none of this from one of our fave supermodels Chrissy Teigan that went viral recently. 
It is an unfortunate truth but we believe things are slowly and surely changing in the industry. 
Our mission is to grow and expand our international Acqua Models family and be able to be a part of this pivotal movement here in Tokyo 2018! 
From international brands including new clubs, restaurants and of course retail..Have you noticed leading up to the Olympics how welcoming and globalized this city is becoming? 

We look forward to working with many international new brands here as well as Japanese companies!



2018 Jun 20

Great start for Japan this year as Yuya Osako raced past the Colombian defense less than 10 minutes and was in alone on goal!
Ended up with Japans victory against Colombian team 2-1! 
The game started terribly for Colombia, which had lined up without its injured super star, James Rodriguez. 

Meanwhile, in Tokyo, we have been actively involved with promoting the world cup such as morning segment in ZIP TV programme. 
Leading up to the Japan VS Poland the other day - Our lovely polish models Marta N & Margo D competed in a playful cooking show! 

Lets hope we keep this winning streak! 


Models: Marta N,
2018 Jun 19

Known for the famous Zoom Zoom Zoommmmm sound effect Acqua Models collaborated with 
MAZADA`s brand new TV commercial for their new CX-8 Series Clean Diesel for a Television Commercial. 
Always beautifully shot with such creativity behind the work for a simple and impactful finish! Always a pleasure to be able to work with a brand like MAZDA. 

Check out the video in one of the links below!


2018 Jun 18

Our diverse Acqua family is rapidly expanding! Brand new to the team is 6ft 2 Nur currently studying in Tokyo whilst he prefers Mcdonalds,
he is challenging himself with Japanese food during his time here. 
He`s delightful and polite and easy to work with!

Is it just us or does Nur slightly resemble Kourtney Kardashians hunk of a boxer boyfriend Younes Bendjima? Let us know your thoughts

Welcome to the Acua Models Team Nur!

2018 Jun 14

Meet Christine! Our brand new face at Acqua Models. 

Not only is her long blonde luscious hair a head turner but her blue eyes are so captivating you won't be able to take your eyes off her.
Her smile says everything and her friendly squirrel loving personality makes her such a wonderful model to work with! 
As shes been living in Tokyo for almost 9 years she is practically fluent as well as speaking fluent Russian. 

Welcome to the team Christine! 


Models: Christine G,
2018 Jun 13
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The super trendy sunglass brand wide large variety of high quality frames in more than 1,500 styles, ranging from basic to functional, stylish and fashionable, always displayed in the shop!

These round framed glasses have become a huge hit in most high fashion brands and popular sunglass brands. Do check out these ones that our models Clara and Marvin are modeling! They are the perfect style just in time for Summer time. 

2018 Jun 12

During Tokyo International Toy Fair hosted by Takara Tomy this year our French model Romain D was a huge hit at the popular Jurassic Park booth!

Jurassic Park has come a long way since the first original in 1993 directed by Steven Spielberg -
he block buster franchise has a kind of magic to seeing such familiar yet alien creatures move, behave, and interact as though they had been observed in the wild.


With special effects now in 2018 and not to forget the pivotal role Hollywood heart throb Chris Pratt plays in the movie - its a guaranteed success.


The Tokyo International Toy fair revolves around showcasing many toys and action figures of course including promotional set ups for a movie like this.
Romain D with his brilliant height being over 180cm and Chris Pratt like smirk on point was a fabulous fit for this event with raving reviews like he had popped out of the screen it self.
We sincerely enjoy having hard working Romain part of the Acqua Models team and is a great reflection of our company and culture!

Models: Romain D,