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2018 Jun 11

We are all saddened by the devastating news on Kate Spade`s death on Tuesday (June 5) in New York in what was said to be a suicide by hanging.
Having passed at the age of 55 in her Manhattan apartment, Kate Spade’s legacy in the fashion industry is an impactful one that will live on.

Kate Spade is known for her iconinc bag that was created back in the 90`s called the SAM BAG - a glossy black nylonon little boxy bag with the tag and the name “Kate Spade New York” in white lettering affixed at the front. The sophisticated yet affordable (US$150 and US$450)  aspirational, yet attainable bag made it  a huge success as it became a bag that every woman, even for teenage girls - being able to taste luxury. 

Kate Spade was also a brand that used the [NYLON] material to create a bag for the first time ever back in 2015 -marking Kate Spade as one of the pioneering designers who made the versatile fabrication chic and trendy - provoking other brands to start using the material. 

Models such as Karlie Kloss, Jordan Dunn and Alisan Henry Vann represented the brand - making it a truly female powered and fun bubbly brand. 
We are sending a lot of prayers to her family - she was a true iconinc leader in the fashion industry. 


2018 Jun 06

Exciting news for all game lovers! Delighted to have our Aya D feature in the new PS4 Game Series - [Yakuza 6: The Song of Life - Stories of the Dragon: Chapter 2: Another Haruka] 

The game feature by world renowned Sega is an action filled music video with never before seen dance scenes and fighting moves by Aya who had training in New York. 

Check out the video here - 

"Have you heard of the man named Kazuma Kiryu? There are many stories about this man and the lives he’s affected. We’re going to explore the legend of the “Dragon of Dojima” from three individuals who had their lives changed after meeting with Kiryu. There’s a Dragon within all of us, and in this video, we meet with a young girl named Haruka who gained the courage to fully express herself."

Let us know your thoughts! 


Models: Aya D,
2018 Jun 04

An exciting new campain by American Express was a truly innovative and inspiring masterpiece in collaboration with world renowed cinematographer Lance Acord who has won many awards including a BAFTA Film award for the movie 'Lost in Translation''

The short film "Balancing the Balance" follows many diverse individuals and their lifestyles around the world focusing on the balance we all have to make in our lives and the pivotal focus on how to not live without it.

We are proud to announce just over a hundred of our diverse and international beautiful faces at Acqua Models was featured in this campaign capturing the true essense of this campaign. We were able to deliver professional models from all age groups and ethinicity - making this campaign a huge success targeting a global audience. 


Link here to watch the Video -

"Whatever you do, don’t forget the more you live between life and business, the more you need someone at your back. The powerful backing of American Express. Don’t live life without it.

Song: “Human” by The Killers



It was a pleasure to have worked with a company who appreciates our each unique individuals not only beauty but enabling their character to shine through.




2018 May 29

 Model Agency, Acqua model's many models attended at the " Desigual sports pop up" Promotional Event! 

This is a limited time event at Desigual SPORTS POP UP

Please come and check out the stylish and trendy sporting goods at this event!!


2018 May 02

Model Agency, Acqua model's "Estefany" was appeared on the WEB CM "Vitality" by SUMITOMO LIFE!!

Look how cute her cowgirl wardrobe in this clip!


Models: Estefany S,
2018 May 01

 Model Agency, Acqua model's "Reina" and "Sophiya" were featured at the Miller Beer Promotional Event! 

"Miller Genuine Draft", The beer loved  in more than 70 countries has arrived in Japan!

Hope you'll enjoy seeing the "Miller Girls" on every Friday night at bars and clubs near you!!




2018 Apr 09

 Model Agency, Acqua model's "Ruby" was featured on the TV CM for SUNSTAR Ora² me "Mouthwash version" !!!

Can you spot her as she plays one of the busy colleagues at the end of a lunchtime! Check out this surrealistic production!


Models: Ruby Y,
2018 Apr 04

Model Agency, Acqua model's "Alyona" was featured in the "TIDEWAY" Catalogue 2018 !!

Check out Alyona coordinated as a pretty country girl style in this one!


Models: Alyona B,
2018 Mar 28
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Many Models from Model Agency, Acqua models were featured in LION Web movie 「Leading company of next-generation healthcare」!

Take a look at the performance of cute kids brushing teeth and hugging etc.!!


2018 Mar 26

Model Agency, Acqua model's "JAMES" featured as a runway model for the Amazon Fashion Week TOKYO[WIWILL] 2018 A/W!

Check out the Show at the link below!


Models: James E,