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2018 Oct 10
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We are delighted to have our beautiful Argentinian Model Clara C return to Tokyo!

Clara was seen alongside supermodel Taylor Hill at the Press Conference event at Lowya at the Ritz Carlton in Midtown Roppongi. 
The evening was a success just like the brand the evening was very playful and sophisticated a with many socialites and big industry figures mesmerised by Taylor Hills striking beauty! 

Check out the link below to see the lifestyle and interior brand LOWYA and their e-commerce collection:



Models: Clara C,
2018 Oct 02

Acqua Models Louis S and his very impressive moustache were featured in the men's monthly magazine unplugged!

A beautiful 6-page fashion editorial spread with pieces from the latest collection by brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Gucci. 






Models: Louis S,
2018 Sep 12

It is part of adulthood to try our best to take our teeth and skin care very seriously! Carefully attending to their teeth quality products along with a thorough regimen; and Panasonic—Japan’s leader in innovative technology—understands this desire for radiantly healthy teeth creating state-of-the-art gadgets like this electronic toothbrush. Most of Panasonic’s products are available worldwide, some are designed for and exclusively marketed to Japanese consumers. This specific product is designed to clean the very small areas of our teeth and this very creative and artistic video says it all! Our beautiful model Asia A was featured with her bright white smile :)

Check out the video in the link below*


Models: Asia M,
2018 Aug 29

Meet Anis! Our brand new face at Acqua Models. 

Just landed a few weeks ago in Tokyo! Her big brown eyes are so captivating you won't be able to take your eyes off her.
Welcome to the team Anis! 

Think you have what it takes to be a new face in the modeling industry? Ever wondered how to break into the industry and become a professional model?

Well, here at Acqua Models we have all the expertise needed to support aspiring individuals.

Get in touch: 


2018 Aug 17

Our beautiful and striking model Raven P was featured as a magical Goddess in a music video by Japanese metalcore band Crystal Lake!
Metalcore is a fusion genre combining elements of extreme metal and hardcore punk that originated back in the late 80`s to early 90`s! 
Check out the video in the link below and let us know your thoughts:

Models: Raven P,
2018 Aug 07
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Fun fact!!
Did you know that the charm has nothing to do with the music and
everything to do with the charmer waving the instrument in the snake's face? 

Our lovely models were a part of a super fun car campaign with Daihatsu! 

A great scene of Charith S  being charmed!.. quirky and fun clip!
Watch the video here:



2018 Aug 01
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実はその寝つきの悪さ枕が原因かもしれません!※宣伝ではありません 笑

そんな魅力的な枕メーカー True Sleeper seventh pillow の広告に

綺麗な寝顔でアンドリア Fが出ています!






Models: Andreia F,
2018 Jul 26
Araki Yuu was founded back in 2013 with his core principle to make clothes entirely by hand. After studying in a Japanese fashion college and some internship experience in some Japanese fashion-houses, he learned and trained how to make clothes in a production factory in Japan.
Yuu originally launched just shirts for himself and evolved into Jackets, Coats, and Trousers. Yuu also uses exclusive fabrics created by collaborations with Japanese historical textile mills that focus entirely on details like hand-dyeing, pattern-making, sewing technique and careful selection of the attachments.

Check out Emiliano B and his very impressive beard in the beautiful collection in the link below:

Models: Emiliano B,
2018 Jul 24

Originally a dancer the fluent in Japanese Model - Lana took part in a beautiful creative campaign as a Ballerina recently.
If you think you`ve got what it takes! be sure to let us know and send us your photographs and join our Acqua Family 
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Models: Lana C,
2018 Jul 23

Japan is famous for its very wildly entertaining talent and variety TV shows! 
This time our models were involved in a fun episode where they were selected to be presented as specific foreign characters.

Leigh C was represented as a "Super Tall Foreigner" , Ayona B was featured as  "My Foreign High School Sweetheart! and lastly Miwa A as a foreign comedic wonder! 
It's always a good laugh to be involved in a light-hearted variety shows like this and to be involved in a big part of Japanese media culture truly is a once in a lifetime experience.