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2015 Aug 11

Tokyo model agency Acqua Models' Norie was out in the hot summer weather shooting for Conrad Hotel. Here is snap shot of the making. 

Models: Norie T,
2015 Aug 10

Anthony is looking relaxed and stylish in the Bloom and Branch Phlannel 2015 Autumn & Winter Look Book. 

Look Book

Models: Anthony E,
2015 Aug 07

Tokyo Model Agency Acqua Models' actor John Owens appears as the mighty wizard in the TV and Web commercial for the release of the video game Dragon Slash by Game Evil Japan. 

Dragon Slash Commercial

Models: John O,
2015 Aug 06

Ariana Miyamoto came to the office of Acqua Models and Wilhelmina Japan to be interviewed for BBC news. With her victory she has the right to represent Japan at the upcoming international Miss Universe pageant expected in January. In her interview she talks about her life growing up in Japan. 

Ariana Miyamoto on BBC News

2015 Jul 31

Jade changed her hair from red to dark blond to get ready for an upcoming Rakuten lingerie job with Tokyo model agency Acqua Models. 

Masato at Athletes salon did a great job of stripping out the red and injecting the new blond look.

Athletes Salon

Models: Jade F,
2015 Jul 27

Here is Sabrina, one of the many models that have registered with the Tokyo model agency Acqua Models recently. 

Models: Sabrina D,
2015 Jul 21

Stephanie appears on the Japan TV variety show "Ora GA Mura". She spent about 4 days doing a homestay with a family in Chiba.  This was a fishing family who owned a restaurant so she had a good deal of things to learn in order to spend the day in synch with everyone. Check it out. 

Ora Ga Mura TV Show


Models: Stephanie B,
2015 Jul 17

Sergio has joined Tokyo model agency Acqua Models. He is ready to break on to the scene. Play Ball! 

Models: Sergio W,
2015 Jul 16

Thomas from the Tokyo Model Agency Acqua Models was requested back for another shoot with Bicycle Club. Ride on good man. 


Models: Thomas B,
2015 Jul 15
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Tokyo Model agency Acqua Models' Drew and Quentin provide the backing guitar and drums for the super famous Japanese band Skoop on Somebdy. This is the English version of their new release Beautiful Sound.  Check it out!

Beautiful Sound