Emirates Melbourne Cup Fashion Event

2015 Jun 17
Every year around 330,000 people show very well dressed for the Emirates Melbourne Cup in Australia. Hats are a big part of female spectators' wardrobes and in order to to promote this fashion awareness a hat making event was held at the Palace Hotel in Tokyo. For this event the Melbourne Cup's18th Gold Trophy was brought to Japan for the first time. 
With 154 years of history the Melbourne cup is awash with color and and amazing hats worn by fashion as celebrities such as Naomi Cambell, Jessica Sarah Parker, and Nicole Kidman. To commemorate this event and promote fashion awareness a Millinery Workshop was held by the hat maker specialist Kim Fletcher. Acqua Models' Amina and Sumie were there to model in the hats made by the participants. 
For further news please check here: http://numero.jp/news-20150608-emirates-melbourne-cup/