Acqua Models many diverse faces celebrated in new American Express campaign "Balancing the Balance"

2018 Jun 04

An exciting new campain by American Express was a truly innovative and inspiring masterpiece in collaboration with world renowed cinematographer Lance Acord who has won many awards including a BAFTA Film award for the movie 'Lost in Translation''

The short film "Balancing the Balance" follows many diverse individuals and their lifestyles around the world focusing on the balance we all have to make in our lives and the pivotal focus on how to not live without it.

We are proud to announce just over a hundred of our diverse and international beautiful faces at Acqua Models was featured in this campaign capturing the true essense of this campaign. We were able to deliver professional models from all age groups and ethinicity - making this campaign a huge success targeting a global audience. 


Link here to watch the Video -

"Whatever you do, don’t forget the more you live between life and business, the more you need someone at your back. The powerful backing of American Express. Don’t live life without it.

Song: “Human” by The Killers



It was a pleasure to have worked with a company who appreciates our each unique individuals not only beauty but enabling their character to shine through.




Models :