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2015 Jun 30

Jade Furuta was the walk on girl for the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation). The event featured world class dart players and was televised to over 40 milion viewers around the world. All eyes on Jade at this point. 

Models: Jade F,
2015 Jun 29

Sarah a new model in Tokyo from France did a test shoot to expand her portfolio.

Manuel Kniepe took these enchanting photos.

Models: Sarah R,
2015 Jun 28

Shooting with cast from Acqua Models. The sharp looking team in suits is smiling as the shooting was smooth and on schedule.  

2015 Jun 26

Polina is looking great in her first test shoot. Some untouched shots that will be for her portfolio as she gets her modeling career started. 

Models: Polina Z,
2015 Jun 25

The acclaimed Tokyo-based artist Hikaru Cho body paints models from Acqua Models. The result is floating and multi-faced heads intergrated with technological interfaces. The first word that comes to mind is "Wow"


2015 Jun 24
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Happy Birthday Will!! There was a birthday party for Will at the Acqua Models and Wilhelmina Japan office today. The festivities were complete with cake, bow-tie and party hats! Yay!!

Models: Will G,
2015 Jun 23

Reina, from Acqua Model Agency, is a regular on the youtube channel Deep in Japan which is one of the shows presented by Yummy Japan. Yummy Japan introduces and talks about delicious food such as Washoku, traditional Japanese food which has been registered on the Intangilble Cultural Heritage List. In this video she puts out a challenge for a drinking contest to everyone with the potatoe liquor Shochu. A big challenge that she seems to be up for. One more round please!

Yummy Japan

Models: Reina I,
2015 Jun 22

Acqua Models' Bob W appears in the HARE french style summer clothing catalog. He is looking stylish and cool and ready for summer. 

HARE Summer Clothes Catalog

Models: Bob W,
2015 Jun 20
About Wilhelmina Japan
Acqua Models is working together with Wilhelmina Japan, a global powerhouse of modeling. We will talk a bit about Wilhelmina Japan.
Wilhelmina Japan is a Tokyo Office of Wilhelmina Models, one of the largest model agencies in the world. Wilhelmina Cooper, 60s’ super model, established the agency in 1967. She is known for being on a cover of Vogue US 28 times, more than anybody in history. As a agency owner, she is known for discovering Gia Carange, a protagonist of an Angelina Jolie movie Gia. 
In 2014, Wilhelmina established Wilhelmina Japan as its Tokyo office, currently managing fashion models and artists, including photographer, cameraman, stylist, hair/make up artist, and hair stylist. In addition, Wilhelmina Japan manages special makeup artist, designer, celebrity, and such. Wilhelmina Japan’s models and artists are on magazines, editorials, fashion shows, catalogs, TV, CM, and more. We work with clients from all over Japan. 
For more information, please check
2015 Jun 18

Acqua Models' Edison appears as the somewhat clumsy university professor climbing the stairs as his handfull of documents slip from his hand and fly in the wind. This is comical and clever commercial and Edison does a great job at being naturally clumsy. 

Reebok Easy Tone CM

Models: Edison G,